Even the greatest pop-punk acts eventually mature, and when that time comes, there is no telling how longtime fans will react. All Time Low has been slowly evolving their sound further and further from their roots with each release, and now it seems they’ve finally taken on a new form with “Life of the Party.”

Full-time musicians lead weird lives. They work an hour or two a night, a few nights a week, followed by a night of celebration. Maybe they want to go out, maybe they don’t, but many do regardless because it is thought to be one way to maintain that ever so precious ‘rock star’ image.

What no one talks about is the morning after. People don’t want to know what it’s like when the bottles are empty and hangovers have set in. Compared to the party the night before, that stuff is boring. But it is still someone’s reality, and on a long enough timeline, that person begins to question whether or not they can step out of that life and become someone else. “Life of the Party” finds a way to address all of this without making it seem like All Time Low are unhappy with their position in life. They’re simply growing up, as they have persistently done throughout their career, only this time it seems real change lies on the horizon.

All Time Low will release their new album, Last Young Renegade, on June 2.