Melborne-based multi-instrumentalist Mark Zito (Fractures) has released a new EP. This release follows Fractures cover of Eastside (Halsey, Benny Blanco), released at the end of last year, and his debut LP, Still Here, unveiled around the beginning of 2017.

If you haven’t heard of Fractures before, you’re definitely missing out. While his songs ”Mortal” and “It’s Alright” received quite a bit of airplay on a few ABC family shows, many of them are still woefully underrated. His entire discography is a collection of haunting tracks that dance between soft vocals and pulsing synths, with haunting, ethereal vocals that compliment the narrative and know how to cut deep. No wonder his songs have found themselves a home in the emotional parts of TV dramas: he’s the perfect ambient sound for sadness, or for a chilly, quiet winter night when you’re missing someone. If you were to have your heart broken, his sophomore LP Still Here is the album you’d wanna have your heart broken to, or at the very least, the one you’d want to have waiting at home.

According to Zito, the EP was inspired by a stagnant, indeterminable period in his life where he was forced to “take stock of both what had come and what was coming. The EP encapsulates something of an in-between and a shift to bigger and hopefully better things,” he says. “Songs like ‘Reset’, ’Dawn’ and ’Splinter’ are a meditation of sorts on how it pays to break a pattern and make hard decisions in order to gain momentum and get out of a rut.” Title track “Reset”, he says, “encapsulates the essence of the EP, and the time it was written in– [it’s] something of a longing for bigger and better things, written kind of in the midst of a realization that I’d lost sight of what I was trying to achieve in the first place, and that I’d need to shift my perspective to bring it any closer to realization. It’s also a reflection of my readiness for change.”

The new EP features lead singles “Sculptures” and “Dawn”, which we were both introduced to at the end of last year. The EP jumps seamlessly though a mix of soothing songs and upbeat ones, making sure there’s a song for every mood. As rare as it is, title track “Reset”, along with EP-exclusives “Recover” and “Splinter” even exceed the expectations set by the lead single (if that’s even possible), with beautiful love-tinged lyrics delivered with a soft yet urgent tone. It’s a beautiful set of tracks that incorporate warm synth lines, fuzzy alt-rock hooks, and raw emotion.

Don’t let this get lost in the release frenzy. Listen to Reset below.