Spending times with your friends is important. Keeping in contact over long distances is great, but there’s nothing like enjoying the company of the people closest to you in-person. The joy of that reunion and bond can shine light through even the hardest of times. This is a lesson that Boston band Lick Neon–led by frontman Nick Leon–took to heart on their debut single “Slip.” This extends to the music video for “Slip,” which we are thrilled to premiere today.

The video begins with a shot of the band together followed by their city home. This is followed by shots of the band interacting with everyday people. They laugh with baseball fans on the street, wander the streets taking in the view, and attend a raucous house party. Throughout it all it’s remarkable how much joy can be found all over the world. Each person they interact with has their own story, and you get a little glimpse of it in the video. The simple happiness that the video exudes is infectious, and it’ll be hard for anyone to watch without cracking a smile.

Leon had a clear vision in mind for the video. He says “This film is designed to show our audience the environment that inspires us to create. Lick Neon is nothing without people. These clips represent the roots beneath our sound. It is all about true sentiment, and real life connection with loved ones. This song discusses love lost, and the film shows how we cope with it. Devin Rojas and Walter Diaz made our vision clear with honest cinematography and direction. Let the film remind you of the value of the relationships in your life.”

You can watch the music video for “Slip” below.