Kesha has now released a music video for her latest single, “Here Comes the Change,” which will be featured in On the Basis of Sex, Focus Features’ upcoming biopic about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The film will see a limited release on December 25th.

The black and white video — directed by Jonas Akerlund (who also worked with Kesha on the video for “Praying“) — does it’s best to keep the visuals raw and focused on the powerful message of the song, often focusing on Kesha and her guitar, roaring out some of her most passionate and intense vocals to date. Mixed throughout the video are some never before seen clips from On the Basis of Sex, showing a young Ginsburg (played by Felicity Jones) and her husband, Marty (Armie Hammer), who work together to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a century of gender discrimination against women.

“Here Comes the Change” was written specifically for the film by Kesha, Drew Pearson and Stephen Wrabel. Mimi Leder, director of On the Basis of Sex, said she wanted Kesha to write and perform this song “Because her passionate voice and immense talent magnify the social justice imperatives Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to fight for every day.”

The single itself was originally premiered back in September, when Kesha took to Refinery29 to write a message about equality, empowerment, and encouraging young people to register to vote. “I wanted to explore the legacy of political activists in our country throughout the years who have fought for equality and positive change,” she wrote. “The message is that the long, proud tradition of American social activism is alive and well. It’s being passed on to the next generation. It will continue to evolve one success at a time, and is as important as ever.”