It’s Rainbow week, with Kesha‘s highly anticipated album just a few short days away. As part of the buildup to the release, the singer recently took the stage at Youtube Space‘s Los Angeles location. One of the songs performed was “Praying,” the first single from Rainbow, and the performance will floor you.

As she takes the stage in darkness, Kesha reveals to the audience that they’re the first to hear the song live. As she begins to sing the stage slowly starts to light up as the song progresses. You can tell Kesha pours her heart and soul into the performance, and it’s clearly an emotional experience for both the singer and the audience.

Thankfully the video from the occasion was uploaded last night, so you can watch for yourself above. You can also see Kesha’s performance of “Woman” from the same night below. Rainbow is out this Friday, August 11, and Kesha’s Rainbow Tour begins on September 26.