What do you get when you combine three talented young men with instruments and a unique worldview? The answer is Long Time, the next great up and coming rock band you need to know.

Substream is thrilled to host the world premiere of Long Time’s video for “Hostage,” the latest single from the band’s upcoming album Never Alone. The song offers a wall of sound that toes the line between modern rock and punk with a ferocity rarely found in artists today. The video emphasizes the chaos of the song, utilizing visual overlays to create dizzying and somewhat intoxicating viewing experience that will no doubt be hard to forget. You can watch the video at the top of this post.

Long Time says that “Hostage” is about the paradox of whether or not one is one’s thoughts, and how thinking about it can make one feel a bit schizophrenic. One can feel trapped by their own self if not careful. You can see this idea mirrored in the video, as the woman cannot seem to escape the craziness inside her mind that is represented by the flurry of color and patterns filling the screen. She tries to resist, but the madness such internal inquiries can bring about is nearly too much for her to bare.

Long Time will release Never Alone via Medical Records on Friday, October 13. Click here for preorder options.