It takes a lot of courage to go off on your own to pursue a dream that not everyone will understand. Indie-pop artist G Flip (AKA Georgia Flipo) did just that, locking herself away in her bedroom to develop her craft as an artist. Eventually curating an album’s worth of songs that explore Flipo’s relationship with her girlfriend, the Melbourne based drummer is instantly unforgettable with her combination of highly personal lyrics and easy bedroom pop driven melodies. The dedication to finding her own artistry yielded the viral hit “About You” and gave her a coveted performer status on the festival circuit, including a slot at Lollapalooza this year.

Now with the release of her highly anticipated debut album About Us, Georgia Flipo is sharing the stories she kept to herself for so long with the world. We got to speak with Flipo on her journey of self discovery and the process of creating her debut album independently. Check out the full interview below.

Congratulations on the release of About Us. What have you been up to surrounding its release?

Why thank you, you’re so kind. I’ve actually just got home from a month in the states. I played Lollapalooza and then did some writing sessions for a few weeks. All my time outside of that has been getting ready for the album launch, it’s been pretty hectic!

You spent a lot of time by yourself to work on your music, how do you think you have changed as a person after taking the time to pursue your own passion independently?

It gave me a lot of confidence to be honest. My first song “About You,” I wrote and produced in my room and that’s the song that broke my career. It gave me the confidence that I can actually song write, before that my friends and family had only told me,  I didn’t know if the outside world would like it. I also got my head around production, I’ve been playing multiple instruments for years, but didn’t know much about plugins, EQ’s, compressors and basic recording knowledge etc. Now that I’ve spent years working on that it makes it easier working with other producers cause I can tell them exactly what I’m hearing in my head or exactly what I want.

You got to work with well known songwriters like Sarah Aarons and Justin Tranter on this project, how was that experience?

I actually haven’t released a Sezza Aaron’s co-written song yet! We have written together multiple times. We’re good mates so it’s always fun but we muck around a bit and talk too much shit. She’s a very talented woman and makes fuckin’ good pasta. I love her like a brother.

Justin Tranter was SO AWESOME. We’d never met before, his publisher Katie saw me play one of my first shows ever at SXSW and asked if I wanted to write with Justin. I was super down with the idea and then a few days later we’re just sitting on a couch, I have my guitar in hand and we wrote the song in a couple hours.

How does it feel to have songs that are so personal to you out in the world? What has the response been like so far?

I’m a very honest person so it’s not a big deal that these songs that are so raw and personal. My lyrics are written exactly how I speak so I never shy away from the details. The response has been great and I think people like the honesty, they tell me that they find the songs super relatable.

It’s probably daunting to be working on a project and realize it’s all about one person, did the process of putting the album together help you move forward or was it hard?

It was actually super chill. I write most days and I write about what’s going on in my life. I never overthink things.  I never thought it was daunting writing about my partner cause that’s just what I had to say on that particular day. The whole album wasn’t actually meant to be a relationship album. When it came to picking the songs on the album it was like ohhhhh all these songs are About Us.

Were there any songs that you felt hesitant about putting on the record?

There were never any hesitations; I was just more worried about my girlfriend’s parents hearing “Stupid”. I never thought of not releasing it because of that though.

Lyrically, you don’t tend to use metaphors. What about that songwriting style appeals to you?

I don’t use metaphors in my day to day life and if I used it in my song writing I would have to think long and hard about it cause it would not come natural.

I write lyrics how I speak, I’m very straight to the point. That’s the only way I know how to write lyrics.

You’re going to set out on a sold out tour this fall, what are you most looking forward to about that?

I’m playing at some of the biggest venues to date and putting together a whole new show, it’s gonna be sick!