It’s hard not to get hyped when you hear about a band that works with all the right people, and puts out a perfect release from such a thrilling hive mind.

The Ar-Kaics play vintage-sounding Virginia garage-punk, and are coming out with their second LP, In This Time, later next month. The cool thing is they are on Wick/Daptone, a collaboration between an underground rock imprint and a critic’s favorite soul-oriented record label. The jams are fresh throwbacks to the future.

The creative connections don’t end there – notoriously gifted “outsider artist” Mingering Mike did their portrait for the album cover, and his shredded imagination fits the band’s sound perfectly with his fetching gutter style. Crafting that inner sound into golden nuggets of song are Wayne Gordon and Mikey Post, who have worked with everyone from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to The Jay Vons.

The debut single from In Our Time is “She’s Obsessed with Herself,” a brutal “finger pointer” about a fervent narcissist, which has the bite of “Like a Rolling Stone” mixed with the sass of the Seeds. You can stream the track below.

The single is out today via the Internet, and the album is out October 26.