Last month, Lee Corey Oswald re-emerged from silence and announced their new signing to A-F Records. At the same time, the band announced their new album, Darkness, Together, and set it’s release for October 12th via the label.

Darkness, Together, is Lee Corey Oswald’s first album since 2015, a tumultuous time in their career where they almost called it quits just as they got started. That year saw the band jump out of the DIY scene, signing to a new label at the time, and of course touring frequently lead to some drawbacks in their personal life. Ultimately, Darkness, Together — produced by Anti-Flag‘s Chris #2, Nick Vicario, and the band themselves — is a record about just that: the loneliness and heartache that can come from being in a touring band, but also how to push through it all.

Following the release of their first single “Neighborhood,” today we are proud to be premiering a new single from Lee Corey Oswald called “Ferris Wheel.” It’s an indie-rock anthem filled with crunch guitars and a sound that echos a little bit of Green Day mixed with Fidlar. The video is an entertaining companion to the song, showing the band goofing off around at a carnival and, yes of course, there’s a Ferris wheel. At the top of the post, you will find the song and it’s music video to listen for yourself.

“We filmed the video at a carnival in Portland, Oregon. Corey’s brother and our good friend Adam Ciresi was at the helm and he did an awesome job capturing our collective sullenness, contrasting it with the sights and sounds of games and children laughing. This song to me will always pull on my heart strings, because it was about one of the best nights of my life. I was on the docks in Seattle with the little lady I truly loved and I was in bliss for an evening,” the band explains.

“We also got drunk and played pinball.”

If you like what you hear from “Ferris Wheel,” then you can pre-order Lee Corey Oswald’s new album Darkness, Together here. You can also find the album artwork and track-listing below.

Darkness, Together track-listing and artwork:

  1. Asbury Waters
  2. Neighborhood
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Mistaken
  5. You Want to Be Right or Happy?
  6. Desperate
  7. Curse Woods
  8. Free Stuff
  9. You’d Be Cooler If You Were Dead
  10. Head Over Heels
  11. Seussical
  12. Darkness, Together (11/20/85)

Lee Corey Oswald Darkness, Together artwork