Ryan Summers, like many creative types, suffers from insomnia. Yet, unlike most others, Summers decided to create his own cure: an album appropriately titled F51.01 (the medical diagnosis code for insomnia).

“My interest in ambient music grew after struggling with insomnia for several years,” explains Summers. “It helped keep my brain occupied on the nights when I couldn’t sleep. Only certain ambient music worked, though. I wanted to see if I could make more of that music.”

And that he has. F51.01 really feels like a coping mechanism for an insomniac. It’s the soundtrack to a wandering mind, one that could score a sci-fi or indie thriller perfectly. It’s dark, hypnotizing, and occasionally droning with a touch of eeriness to keep you on edge. Oddly enough, though, there’s often something very soothing about it that might just lull you to sleep when nothing else seems to work. Listen now to find out what effect it has on you: