Sometimes with a music video the title of the track doesn’t tell you a lot about what the video will entail. There might be a different tale to tell, or the artist might move in a more surreal direction. This is not the case with “Ran,” the latest music video from Baltimore band Future Islands.

As you might expect, the video finds frontman Samuel T. Herring taking a run. He starts in a suburb during the daylight, but eventually moves his way out into the countryside as night falls. Spliced in are cuts of the band performing the transfixing track and overlay of a blazing bonfire as the track reaches its zenith. Directed by Albert Birney, the video is equal parts pretty and powerful. Check it out for yourself:

“Ran” is from Future Islands’ upcoming album The Far Field, which is being released on April 7 via 4AD. Pre-orders in all formats are ongoing.