You know that when David Fincher is involved with something, it’s gonna be intense. Whether it’s his numerous movies in the director’s chair or his executive producer role on series like House of Cards, Fincher is a proven force. Now he has lent his ability to a new Netflix series, Mindhunter, that has us on the edge of our seats just from the teaser.

The show follows the world of the Elite Serial Crime Unit, a section of the FBI focused on capturing the most dangerous serial killers. The teaser doesn’t give much plot, instead featuring many of the characters talking about the pathology of a killer over short clips of the show. Intermingled in these clips is a Rorschach test forming from blood, a very creepy visual.
Here’s the full teaser:

Fincher directed three episodes of the show and executive produced four. Stars of the series include Jonathon Groff (Glee, Hamilton) and Anna Torv (the severely underrated Fringe). Mindhunter will arrive in October, just in time to spook us all for Halloween.