Hello Substream readers, Gabriel here. You’re probably wondering why there’s a Take 5 on a Thursday, and why it’s not written by me. There’s a great reason for both of those things. Throughout the year I’m inviting various guests to write their own renditions of Take 5. This includes everything from personal favorites to themed lists. Take 5 is a column started to help you expand your musical horizons, and having new voices deliver their lists is another step in fulfilling that mission.

Today we’re joined by Alyse Vellturo, the woman behind incredible indie-pop band pronoun. pronoun just released new single “stay” and announced her debut album i’ll show you stronger yesterday. As you may know, it’s Valentine’s Day. While many people are off with their significant others, many of us are sitting at home single. While some moping is allowed, we also need a way to make ourselves feel better. Vellturo has heard your call, and is here to deliver five tracks that pick her up when she’s home alone and feeling sad. In her own words, here is pronoun’s Take 5.

No Rome – Do It Again

“First off, anything Matt Healy touches I of course love, I am only human. But second, this song slaps. It came up on my Discover Weekly playlist when I was on the road with Citizen and Basement this summer. There’s a lot of music in this genre in general, but this cuts throw so hard.”

Crook – Easter Morning

“My friend Matthew Kent passed this song along to me. We are internet musical friends, he was the very first pronoun supporter. He found me on Soundcloud when I had 30 second instrumental snippets up and 10 followers on Twitter. This track still has about 1M streams less than it should. I love stuff that sounds like someone was just in their bedroom messing around, and this song embodies that to a T in the best way. 2/23 I get to play London for the first time. Both Crook and Matt will be there hangin’, come hang with us.”

Charly Bliss – Capacity

“Charly Bliss just put out the song of the summer in February and I am not mad at it at all. I also can’t say enough how amazing it is when artists evolve their sound instead of making the same song over and over. It sounds very different than their debut, but from the first measure you know who it is. Long live Charly Bliss.”

Justin Courtney Pierre – Anchor

“Justin’s one of my idols, and in November I got to tour with him. It was too fun. On top of that he put out one of my favorite albums last year. Every track is a sad song that sounds happy, my favorite genre. Also the bass line in the chorus is just fun AF.”

The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try

“The perfect song to grow into your age to. I personally am constantly at war with myself. Why? I have no idea. This song helped me learn to calm down and back off myself, and “give myself a try”. Accept your shortcomings and come out the other side stronger.”

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