2017 has been an absolutely crazy year for Pale Waves and 2018 is sure to be even crazier. Drawing on influence from 80’s neon pop acts, Pale Waves bring back the quality of synth pop that characterize The Cure and Cocteau Twins, and add a modern twist to it. In an interview with Billboard, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie talks about how their songs combine the melodies that people can sing and dance to with a story that breaks your heart. This is what separates Pale Waves from the new wave of indie pop.

Building upon their success, the rising alt-pop group has just released their latest single, “My Obession”. Combining the right amount of soft vocals, synth use, and an intrinisc narrative that speaks volumes of emotion, “My Obsession” is just the beginning of whats to come for Pale Waves. You can pre-order their upcoming album here!