For the most part, Winter in the Northeast has been uncharacteristically forgiving. The cold hasn’t been too brutal, the snow only recently began to fall, and the music has been incredible and steady. The big plus to a mild winter is that my musical mood board never really shifts into the brooding and dark stuff that usually makes up my Winter listening; allowing me to really ruminate on the acoustic and folk-leaning sides of my taste. This Fall saw me sitting down with Neutral Milk Hotel, Death Cab For Cutie, Superdrag, The Weakerthans, and The Mountain Goats so much that I’d consider each of them to be some of my best friends at this point. I’m always looking for something to fresh to add to that rotation, and I think we’ve finally got something worth adding with the new album from Hussey.

Born as a solo project of All Get Out’s Nathan Hussey, the project is his namesake and has given us some of the most intimate and personal songwriting of Nathan’s to date. Their debut album is called Hithcens, and on the whole, this record is a much more mellow affair than what we’re used to hearing. The swelling builds that helped make The Season a fan-favorite are traded in for delicate and intricate acoustic guitars that allow for Nathan’s voice to truly feel at home in the music he’s creating. This is why, today, I’m excited to share a brand new Hussey song called “Stateside” with y’all!

“Stateside” showcases all of what separates this project from his past material. Mere seconds in, you’ll end up swept off your feet because it feels like Nathan is only singing to you. His voice and that gentle guitar are able to strip your surroundings away and create an experience that is just as moving as it is captivating. You’re drawn into the story that he’s telling with his lyrics and by the time the song hits a close, you’re ready to start the journey all over again.

When asked about the track, Hussey said: “Stateside touches on how we all take different paths despite starting from the same place. Especially in the context of siblings and family. The thought of someone getting clean and going through withdrawal while locked up because that’s the only way they can kick the habit made me a little uneasy and intrigued. It was sad to watch but also good to see something positive accomplished. The whole composition pretty much says ‘I don’t care how you got here, you didn’t miss much. I’m just glad you’re here.’

You can stream “Stateside” below.

Hitchens will be released January 12th on Equal Vision Records. Snag your copy here.