New York-meets-New Jersey production duo Bordeaux and Non Native are one of the most exciting new acts in Hip Hop.

Bronx’s Bordeaux, 24, and Union City’s Non Native, 20, is mostly responsible for supplying the world with the infectious new Drill sound sweeping throughout the industry and created 2020 superstars Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay and the late-Pop Smoke. Credited for some of the year’s biggest singles in rap like Lil Tjay’s “Zoo York” and Meek Mill & Fivio Foreign’s “Demons & Goblins”. They closed out the year with the biggest song of their careers with the release of H.E.R.‘s Saturday Night Live new single, “Hold”.

Meeting when they were children, Bordeaux and Non Native developed a bond over their love for Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo iconic group, The Neptunes. Bordeaux remembers him and Native growing up, listening to various genres of music which helped them develop a universal sound when they started producing themselves.

“My parents were first generation immigrants so music was definitely a way for me to make friends and learn about different cultures,” Bordeaux says.

Along with their infaturation for The Neptunes, the dynamic duo admits that Electronic music also played a huge part in the beginning of their careers. While working as engineers at Blastoff Studios in New York City, Dance is the genre they started producing first. They were the only ones producing EDM and so they bonded, and later teamed up and started producing songs together.

When producing, Bordeaux and Non Native like to be in the same room with the artist, due their unique way of recording. About their creative process, Non Native said, “We can flip flop seats at anytime in a session and we both know exactly what to do and how to carry the session on.”

Their creative process is different with every artist and every production as well. They experiment with different sounds and incorporate different styles. Bordeaux and Non Native are not your typical “beat maker” — When they get in the room with an artist, they make the beat, record the artist, aid in the writing process, engineer the track, mix the vocals and master the track at a very accelerated pace. They attribute their quickness and efficiency to the fact that they’ve worked as engineers with so many different artists, and are hence able to lock in and execute in an impressively distinct way.

Ambitious and impactful. Bordeaux and Non Native are able to experiment in all areas of music. They’ve worked with dancehall artists, R&B artists, Rappers – sometimes all in one day. Bordeaux adds, “It’s fun to learn what each genre entails and how music production relates to all genres of music.”

In December, Bordeaux and Non Native add gold to their resume as Lil Tjay’s “Zoo York” achieved gold status with the RIAA. An amazing way to close out the year and become the most-sought-after producers of 2021.

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