A great source of unexpected emotions can come from when you find an old photo album or box of belongings from your past. Looking at what your interests were, who you were friends with, and what you were going through. Reminiscing like this can be equal parts fun and melancholy, depending on what you find and how you remember it. Music can also transport us back in time to our younger days, and you don’t need me to tell you music can stir up emotions. LA musician Zach Schwartz–performing under the name LMNOP–has tapped into that longing to look back and reflect on new single “Take Me Back.” Prepare to take an emotional journey, as we’re premiering the track right here on Substream this afternoon.

“Take Me Back” begins with a long buildup, and LMNOP quickly proves himself to be a deft producer with a great sense of storytelling in his music. That buildup prepares the listener to get into the mental headspace “Take Me Back” transports them to. The drop that transitions the track from intro to the body is wonderful, and it’s amazing how much bittersweet wistfulness LMNOP packs into the track without ever saying a word. The pulsating synths are incredibly well done, and the bridge transitioning to a piano is a welcome surprise and change of pace to really drive home the emotion of “Take Me Back.”

LMNOP explained the origin of “Take Me Back” by saying “‘Take Me Back’ is my first single release. This song is a follow up to Good King Wonderful off my Rose Gold EP. It’s a significant release for me because it encompasses why I make music: To transport myself and the listener back to childhood. I want people to forget about all the struggles of adult life and remember the freedom and fun of being a child. Some of us may have mixed emotions about those times in our life and I think it’s important to feel the pain and loss of innocence in the music. This is the first release I have put out in a while, and this marks the beginning of releasing all the music I have been working on over the last two years.”

You can listen to “Take Me Back” below.