Sometimes love is easy, but sometimes it’s just plain uncomfortable. That’s exactly what Los Angeles-based band Wallows dive in to with their newest single “Uncomfortable”, which you can listen to below. Produced by Stefan Mac, the song sees lead singer / guitarist Dylan Minnette (who you may recognize as Clay Jensen from Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why) admit that he didn’t want love at first, but “now it’s come undone” he feels “so uncomfortable.” “Uncomfortable” opens with a distorted guitar riff that finds itself repeated- along with a simple whistle- in the bridge. The pace almost builds but never quite picks up and that tension feels- you guessed it- uncomfortable.

Not familiar with Wallows? The group consists of Minnette, along with Cole Preston on drums and guitar and Braeden Lemasters on guitar and vocals. Wallows’ first two singles “Pleaser” (a moody, indie/alt-rock tune about a guy wondering if the object of his affection feels the same) “Sun Tan” (a lo-fi yet summery tune where our narrator struggles to get the right words out) were released earlier this year, though the members have played together for years in their previous bands The Narwhals and (before that) The Feaver.

Wallows have not announced any touring plans, though if they do, be sure to be on your toes for tickets: this summer, they very quickly sold-out The Troubadour and The Roxy in Los Angeles, Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California, Slim’s in San Francisco, and Mercury Lounge in New York City. Keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.