You may recognize the name LMNOP here on Substream. Last September we premiered “Take Me Back,” the LA producer’s first single. His ability to tell a story without a single spoken lyric captivated us. Thankfully for us, he’s been hard at work over the last few months and has returned with another musical offering. This time around he’s teamed up with vocalist Sammy Plotkin to release stirring track “Take It Away” and show what he can do with lyrics behind him.

We’ll start with LMNOP’s production. While “Take Me Back” was cozy and insular, “Take It Away” sees him create a larger sound. While there are still more intimate moments with stripped down production, LMNOP spends large chunks of “Take It Away” creating a cavernous sound, synths bouncing around a seemingly infinite void. This production and Sammy Plotkin’s delicate, emotionally charged upper register go together splendidly. Plotkin pleading the titular lyric to the subject of the song is powerful, the emotional strain in his voice evident.

“Take It Away,” like all of LMNOP’s music, was heavily influenced by the city of LA. He says “I was born and raised in Glendale, California, but LA has continued to be my home. I never moved anywhere else. Maybe it’s because I have a deep love and fascination for this crazy city. Despite having lived here my whole life I’m still discovering new things, meeting new people, and hearing new sounds every day. Everyone comes here to pursue their dreams and the hustle is real.”

You can listen to LMNOP and Sammy Plotkin’s new track “Take It Away” below.