Netflix‘s Stranger Things was a smash hit for the streaming service last year. Whether they lived here or in the Upside Down, everyone was talking about it. The show received so much buzz that they had their own panel today during Comic Con, part of which was the unveiling of the Season 2 trailer.

The trailer starts innocently enough, with Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin are at the arcade. Everything is fine until Will gets pulled back into the Upside Down. While the demogorgon was defeated, something much, much bigger has set its sights on the town of Hawkins. From there Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” kicks in as the boys race to figure out how to save Will from the effects of the Upside Down. Meanwhile, Hopper and Joyce learn more of the shady science experiments that have taken place in the town. The end of the trailer gives us our first look at Eleven as she breaks back into our world from the Upside Down.

It appears Stranger Things has suitably upped the ante while still retaining the nostalgic feel, plethora of references, and strong character writing that drew fans to the series in the first place. The second season streams on October 27.