In case you haven’t heard, Lorde’s sophomore album Melodrama is almost here. Lorde made her glorious return to us with “Green Light” and later broke our hearts with “Liability.” Today, she shared the third new track from the album–a great new tune called “Perfect Places.”

The track begins with a simple beat, and Lorde seems to be a bit disillusioned with fame in the lyrics. The track builds to a chorus that sounds as if Lorde is singing along with a crowd, awash in an ocean of production. It fits, as she sings of “our heroes fading.” While the title is “Perfect Places,” Lorde discovers during the song that such places don’t actually exist.

Melodrama is out in two weeks on June 16. We’ve heard both dance tracks and ballads so far, indicating that the new album shows off Lorde’s immense talent in a variety of different stylings and settings. Needless to say, we’re excited to get our hands on the full thing.

Listen to “Perfect Places” below