It’s hard to believe that up until this point, Skyward Story did not have an album out. The Baltimore trio have built a rapturous fanbase who support them online and in person, and have created this following through the strength of several year’s worth of strong singles and personality. The day that fanbase and Skyward Story themselves have been waiting for has finally arrived, as today marks the release of their debut album Reborn. In order to get a better idea of what the 10 songs on the album mean to Skyward Story, we’re happy to let the band speak for themselves with an exclusive track by track breakdown of Reborn.

Through a combination of already released singles and new tracks, Skyward Story have found a winning combination on Reborn. From the infectiously poppy jam of “Hey!” to the more reflective “Requiem,” the trio explore a variety of moods, sounds and feelings while always staying true to the tight-knit, guitar-driven core that drew fans to them in the first place. Reborn is an album that’ll thrill any Skyward Story fan. The old, still solid singles included can bring you up to speed on the group’s catalogue, and the new tracks have interesting wrinkles to explore that point towards a bright, innovative future for the trio.

You’ll find the stream for Skyward Story’s debut album Reborn below. Press play, and then keep scrolling to follow along with the band as they give you their thoughts on each of the 10 songs. You can also keep up with Skyward Story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  1. Hey!
    “As the introducing song off of Reborn, ‘Hey!’ was probably the best choice as the first song. It’s a great bridge from the sound that our older fans love to the new elements we’ve added that our more recent fans enjoy. It really just gets up in your face, basically saying ‘Hey! We’re Skyward Story! This is our first song!'”

  2. Smile
    “’Smile’ might best encapsulate the sound and feeling of Reborn as a whole. It’s a bright song about literally wanting to make you all smile. The punchy guitar and singalong post chorus make this one a fan favorite and one that we love to perform live.”

  3. Trading Secrets
    “The last single from Reborn and the choice for our best music video yet! ‘Trading Secrets’ is about that feeling of a blossoming romance, there’s nothing quite like it. Catchy lyrics and a chorus that will make your head bop 101% of the time.”

  4. Make This Last
    “’Make This Last’ is actually about being out on the road. While we love this life and there’s nothing else we’d rather do, it does come with some hardship. We’re away a lot, and we miss things. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, new family members, you name it. This song is about making the most of the time we have with the people we love.”

  5. Breakaway
    “This is our shortest song, but it’s the most upbeat. It’s about staying positive through the hard times, carving your own path and marching forward.”

  6. Requiem
    “A hard song to write, about a hard thing to do. ‘Requiem’ is about cutting out and letting go of the toxic people in your life. Rising above a bad situation and moving on without the negativity.”

  7. New Beginnings
    “A direct sequel to ‘Requiem!’ Following a tough decision, it is bound to be a rebirth (get it?) and a new horizon. ‘New Beginnings’ is about that feeling, waking up with a new energy and outlook on life.”

  8. Stellar Collision
    “Based off of a quote: ‘There are three things you can’t hide- The sun, the moon, and the truth.’ The truth, in this song, being that you have found your person, and you know that it will last forever.

  9. Riptide
    “We like to refer to this one as our ‘Disney’ song because it’s easily the bounciest song on the album. It’s the type of song that you can snap along to.”

  10. Autumn
    “’Autumn’ is about that one person that you keep coming back to. Even though maybe they aren’t the best for you, and things don’t work out, something in the universe keeps bringing you two back together for better or worse. Something I think we can all relate to, because letting go is hard.”