With the critical and public adoration Wonder Woman received, DC’s movie universe is at its highest point in history. During San Diego Comic Con today, they cashed in on that good will and delivered an absolutely amazing new trailer for Justice League.

The trailer sets up a bit of backstory first. With Superman “dead,” crime is on the rise, both locally on Earth and from far more sinister and powerful forces. We get a good look at Steppenwolf arriving on Themyscira, and he remarks that the lack of a Kryptonian (like Superman) or a Lantern (seeming to confirm Green Lantern is not part of the picture yet) makes Earth a great target. The Justice League want to prove him wrong.

Instead of rehashing the recruiting footage from previous trailers, this one instead focuses on Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash trying to sort out their own problems in the team while also saving the planet. There are jokes though, including a fantastic bit of Flash poking fun of the superhero trope of the group disappearing in the middle of a conversation.

Justice League is in theaters this coming November.