Love can be tough. Most of us go through a ton of relationships that don’t pan out before we find the love that does click. After a series of broken hearts and disappointments, it can wear a person down. The mysterious artist nothing, nowhere. (who has chosen to not reveal his true identity) clearly knows this, and has channeled it effecivly into the music video for his recent single “Hopes Up,” which features Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional.

nothing, nowhere. and and Carrabba perform in the darkened halls of a high school and a secluded wooded grove. This is spliced with VHS quality footage of the woman who lies at the heart of the song, and nothing, nowhere. is clearly taking the end of their relationship hard. The disillusionment with love is real, with the chorus a cry of “I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Nothing, nowhere directed, shot, and edited the video himself. With such powerful imagery and lyricism, we’re excited to hear more from the enigmatic performer.