A song that makes you happy is a good song. Music can do a lot of different things in its storytelling and composition, but making people happy is a huge part of it. I’m sure you have song or two that can instantly put you in a better mood. You’ll be able to add another one of those songs to your playlist today. Songwriter Evan Myall‘s new single “Frances” is a pleaser, and we’re happy to premiere it on Substream this afternoon.

Some interesting vocal effects kick off “Frances,” a sign of how Myall isn’t afraid to experiment with his sound. The heavy distortion on the guitar riffs might not immediately scream “happy and plucky” to you, but give it a minute. As he compares the eyes of the subject of the song to meteors, there’s a bouncy positivity in the music. Despite the distortion throughout “Frances,” it’s infectiously lighthearted and fun. It helps that Myall’s voice and delivery also exude relaxation and a warm invitation to enjoy yourself while listening.

Myall had a simple goal for “Frances.” He says “‘Frances’ is a walker. Walk your dog to it. Take a walk with your mom or neighbor. It’d be great if people were kind to one other. The climate right now is so divisive…but we’re all the same. If one of these songs can provide a hazy moment of joy, then I’m a happy camper.”

You can check out the stream of “Frances” below.