Kait Kunzman is a busy human. Her band 18th & Addison just released a killer single, “Broke Down in Babylon” with Fred Mascherino (formerly of Taking Back Sunday) and she’s moving across the country to the great state of Nevada. 18th & Addison took a different direction with their new song, and in the same fashion, Kait decided to rank the epic Tegan and Sara album catalog. Read below or she will hurt you:


  1. Under Feet Like Ours (1999)


SW: This is everything.


KK: Tegan and Sara sound especially small on this record.


SW: Well Kait, it came out last century.


KK: True story. They were nineteen when it came out.


SW: Making them able to legally drink in Canada at the time…


KK: Freedom.


  1. The Business of Art (2000)


SW: I think it’s funny that Tegan and Sara started their second album with a song called “The First”.


KK: That’s true! I get Alanis vibes from this album.


SW: Isn’t it a superstar? Don’t you think? A little too superstar? 


KK: Yeah. I really do think.


SW: (crying) Proud.


KK: Let’s get to more modern Tegan and Sara records…


  1. Love You To Death (2016)


SW: Ok. 2016 was a good year till Trump was elected.


KK: Let’s take a U-Turn away from that topic.


SW: WE SHALL! My dad jokes are not for the faint of heart.


KK: That girl (pointing to herself) likes this album but doesn’t love it.


SW: I agree. I like it to death.


KK: I like the album cover.


  1. If It Was You (2002)


SW: Don’t confess, I do too.


KK: This is the third album from Tegan and Sara. It sounded like they grew a lot since the first two.


SW: Agreed. I think that this record is what introduced me to the band. They’ve been around for a while.


KK: And the recording quality sounds like it was recorded outside of a living room. 


SW: HEY YO! I wanted that to be bad but it wasn’t.


KK: Grazie.


  1. Heartthrob (2013)


SW: Prego. This album is an upbeat album.


KK: It drove me wild!


SW: Now I’m all messed up.


KK: Was that dad joke a shock to your system?


SW: I’m not your hero, but you’re mine!


KK: Love they say… JUST KIDDING. 


  1. Hey, I’m Just Like You (2019)


SW: I love when I collaborate on lists and the act’s most recent record is towards the top. Thank you, Kait. Thank you.


KK: It’s pretty cool that a lot of these songs were written long before the album came out.


SW: Before ANY album came out.


KK: I’ll be back someday.

SW: They went away and I don’t mind.


KK: I’m…


  1. So Jealous (2004)




KK: Walked right into that one… “Walking With A Ghost” was my introduction to Tegan and Sara.


SW: You and all of Warped Tour, Kait.


KK: You wouldn’t like me back then.


SW: I bet I couldn’t take you anywhere.


KK: I know I know I know.


  1. Sainthood (2009)


SW: We’re almost done. Don’t rush.


KK: This record was The Cure to growing up in New Jersey.


SW: Hell.


KK: “Northshore” is a standout track on this record and the entire record literally rocks.


SW: I’m glad I got to see them before quarantine hit. 


KK: Someday you shall again.


  1. The Con (2007)


SW: This is your list, but this is my favorite Tegan and Sara album too! Call it off!


KK: There is no con on this record.