Formed in 2016, Louisville, Kentucky’s Verses have worked hard to make a name for themselves. They released their debut EP, Pyramid Dreams, in December of 2016 which gave them opportunities to open for acts like Attila, Sylar, The Color Morale, Nonpoint, and many more.

Fast forward to 2018, and Verses is now gearing up to release their long awaited follow-up EP, Stasis, on November 9th. The record was recorded with Andrew Baylis (My Enemies & I, Sylar, Savage hands, Picturesque) who was able to bring a whole new dimension to the band. “This new record is a lot darker than our previous release. It focuses more on memorable hooks, melodic melodies, and pocket grooves. Andrew Baylis really brought that out of us with a sense of structure and maturity,” explains vocalist Trey Landrum on Stasis.

Today, we are excited to premiering a new single from Stasis called “Comatose.” The song is a hard-hitting anthemic rock song, mixing in pop sensibilities and R&B style vocals — a signature sound for Verses. Expanding on the song, Landrum mentions that “‘Comatose’ was a song Baylis and myself wrote in the studio from scratch. I hadn’t done that before, so it was a very unique experience to say the least. It’s about always wanting what you can’t have and never being happy with what you do have. The grass isn’t always greener.”

If you like what you hear from “Comatose” — which can be found at the top of this post — you can pre-order Stasis here. Below you will find the album artwork and track-listing for the EP.

verses stasis

  1. Nerve
  2. Landslide
  3. Comatose
  4. Passive
  5. Lesson Learned
  6. Worth It All
  7. Unsaid