InVogue Records’ band Discrepancies just dropped a music video for their brand new single “Crawling Back.”

“Crawling Back is extremely special to all of us for a few reasons. We all really dug deep to put this song together. Even our friend/producer Matthew Amelung, who is no longer with us, went the extra mile and layered his own vocals into this song and it really brings out the emotion.” – Antonio Metcalf

“This one is about being in love with someone so deeply while understanding you have to let them go. The fact that Matt was fighting and lost his battle with cancer during the process of creating this song/album, gives this song a whole new meaning for me personally. While creating our last album Matt became our unofficial 5th member and not so secret weapon. So, much like this song all we can do is be grateful for the time we had as we turn the page to the next chapter. We’ll hold on to the memories until we’re gone but the music will live forever.” – Metcalf

Their new record The Rise will be dropping October 23rd, and it is their best collection of work yet. You can pre-order their new record here.

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