The garage surf-punk rockers, Shitbats, are geared up to release their debut album Guano, which is out October 16. 

The band just released “Let Me Go,” and “Ego Amigo”  which will be featured on the album.

Formed in London, Ontario, these chaotic group of human beings is less than pure in heart but deadly nonetheless. Armed with guitars, drums, and throats, these bats of shit were bestowed with the ability to crush any foe that may gander.

Blending the abilities of each member created a rip in the fabric of space-time that echoed through infinity. With their knowledge of past and future genres, like punk and future punk, rock, and future rock, they strike a balance the likes of which has never been experienced by any other human.

Shitbats is Cat “Shit Commander” Clyde, Mitch “Fair Squire” Decaire, Strummer “Troll Smasher” Jasson, and Dan “Cyclops Tamer” Serre.