Dominic Fike is one of Florida’s own, so seeing him perform in Tampa, FL, on September 18 created energy from the crowd that is unmatched. His set included songs such as, “Peach” from Kevin Abstract’s project, Arizonia Baby and his own projects such as “”3 Nights,” which recently went #1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs, last week.

Dominic Fike started out of Naples, Florida a few years ago, but didn’t catch the media’s attention until 2018 when he released his debt EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. From there he got signed to Columbia Records, and has worked on many projects with Brockhampton.

His set was short, due to only having ten songs out, but each song had an emotional experience felt by fans of the crowd and himself. I haven’t seen a live show with this much energy in a hot minute, from Dominic jumping around the stage, to fans throwing their arms up and dancing.

I highly recommend seeing Dominic Fike this tour, and can not wait to hear what else he plans to do in the future. From headlining his own tour, to playing Camp Flog this November, he’s on a roll!