Marshmello just can’t take a hint in his latest music video.

If you think being put in the friend zone is a nightmare you should try being the person that has to put someone in the friend zone. Turning down someone’s affection is never easy, but in the video for Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s smash hit “Friends” that scenario becomes something out of a horror movie.

Starring everyone’s favorite sugar based confection-inspired DJ as a person who just can’t take a hint, the official video for “Friends” finds Marshmello doing his best to crash Anne-Marie’s sleepover. He tries everything to win her love, but she just wants to be friends. You can see what happens next in the clip above.

“Friends” is the latest in a string of successful singles Marshmello has released since the start of the new year. More songs are expected to surface soon, including a recently announced collaboration with Lil Xan.

Anne-Marie has been busy as well. The success of “Ciao Adios” in early 2017 catapulted the songstress into the global pop spotlight, and several great additional singles have since been released. If you haven’t seen or heard her acoustic rendition of “Then” you haven’t fully lived your life.

“Friends” was only released at the beginning of February, so it’s unclear just how far this song will go on the pop charts. What we do know, however, is that no one will be able get this hook out of their heads for the foreseeable future. Sorry, not sorry.