Bella Thorne’s future in music grows brighter with each passing day.

The world of young celebrity pop culture has been trying to make Bella Thorne a household name since her days as a Disney star. Hollywood has joined in this effort as of late by placing Thorne in every genre imaginable hoping to find the perfect sweet spot to build a career, and her upcoming starring role in Midnight Sun is only further proof this is true. Still, after everything that Thorne has done and accomplished it’s beginning to look as though music will be the place where she finds the most success.

Earlier this week Thorne released the video for “Burn So Bright,” the lead single from the official soundtrack to Midnight Sun. As far as original songs for teen romantic dramedies are concerned it’s pretty great, featuring an easy to learn hook tied to an immediately catchy melody. It’s a perfectly structured pop song that provides ample opportunity for Thorne to showcase her vocal talent. The video is little more than a compilation of performance footage and movie clips, but it does the job as far as emphasizing the message of the song is concerned. You can view the video above.

Thorne has been releasing music for the better part of the last decade, but 2018 feels poised to be the year the world finally gives her the attention she deserves. In addition to singing “Burn So Bright,” Thorne also sings and plays guitar throughout Midnight Sun. Beyond the film, Thorne recently delivered a verse on rapper Lil Phag’s single “Clout 9,” as well as provided additional vocals on Tana Mongeau’s 2017 single “Hefner”. You might not know who these people are, but the YouTube generation does, and they’re quickly becoming real-world celebrities.

In our recent conversation with her current boyfriend, rapper Mod Sun, we learned Thorne has more recorded material with him as well:

“She has over a hundred songs right now. We have 10 songs we recorded together, but we make music all the time. Neither one of us likes to sit around, so if we ever are we just choose to make a song or some kind of at instead.”

Thorne has yet to reveal when that material may see the light of day, but we are hopeful it begins to surface sooner rather than later. In the meantime, follow Substream on Twitter to ensure you never miss another headline regarding Bella Thorne and her rising career in music.

Midnight Sun opens in theaters March 23.