Slushi and Marshmello, better known in certain EDM circles as Slushmello, have come together to deliver a bittersweet bop about distance and longing that you won’t soon forget. You can stream the song, tilted “There X2” at the top of the page.

This is not the first collaboration from Slushii and Marshmello. Back in 2017, the real-life best friends joined forces for the criminally under-appreciated track “Twinbow”. As much as diehard followers of both acts will tell you that song is great, and to some extent it is, “There X2” is wholly different and undeniably more commercial. The song finds Marshmello taking on singing duties with little to no assistance from pitch-shifting and other popular EDM vocal distortions as Slushii provides a lush sonic accompaniment. The lyrics are tinged with the slightest hint of regret, as if you did what you had to do and still regretted it, but before you sink too far into your feels a burst of electronic pop goodness barrels in and refuses to let you remain still. You can be sad if you must, but you also have to move your feet.

Marshmello is currently touring the country with dates all over North America in coming months. Slushii’s schedule is lighter for the time being, but he is expected to hit the road much more frequently as we begin to approach the summer months. Both artists are planning to release more music, including the potential for more collaborations. Follow Substream on Twitter to ensure you never miss another headline.