How many times can I say that I miss the love-affair that I used to have with pop-punk before I get sick of typing it out? I’ll let you know when we get there. Until then, here’s another steadfast reminder that the genre will never die and that I’m coming to peace with the idea that the piece of my brain that wants to be eighteen forever is also here to stay. So many of my favorite memories are tied to a genre that people are clamoring to escape from– I miss being packed into (arguably) too small venues with complete strangers and bonding over our often off-key singalongs and the rowdy, youthful energy that used to radiate from the venue during and after each of those shows. That same energy that oozes from Dallas, TX based up and comers, The Happy Alright.

The Happy Alright are the kind of band that breathes life back into the poppier side of the genre. They’re self-releasing a new EP called Run Home on February 9th that immediately brings to mind acts like State Champs and Boys Like Girls. They’ve perfected the verse-to-chorus structure– making each track feel like an amusement park ride of their own. Each verse comes packed with enough melody and driving intent that you find yourself anxiously awaiting the payoff of those tidal wave choruses — and begging for it to happen again!

I’m excited to share a brand new song called “Mind Reader” with y’all today. This is the track that I feel best represents what The Happy Alright is doing. The hook of this strong is monstrous; the vocal range is out of this world and the lyrics and melody are so catchy that you’ll instantly be singing “You’re scared you’re gonna die in this city like me/It’s just too fucking easy/We’ve only got so much time/Don’t you hate being on the losing side?” by the time it rolls around again.

When asked about the track, vocalist Sterling Gavinski said: “‘Mind Reader’ is a love song at its core, but it has a cynical side. It’s about love and fear, and how people who hold too closely to their beliefs out of fear often end up trapping themselves.

You can stream “Mind Reader” above.

Run Home is out February 9th. The Happy Alright leave for tour later this month with The Weekend Classic and Boys Home. More info on that can be found below.

The Happy Alright