Old News is an experimental rock band from Wichita, Kansas, and the eccentric group off former jazz kids turned indie rockers have a knack for capitalizing not heir Midwestern charm to deliver tongue-in-cheek wit.

The guys in Old News haven’t completely abandoned their more jazz roots, as their quirky and pop-focused take on disguising odd-time machinations as pop songs. This is partly because they take influences from bands like Minus the Bear, Tiny Moving Parts, Spoon, and more, all the while sprinkling in indie-rock sensibilities, jazz harmony, and emotive realism its a sense of furious focus.

While these influences echo throughout their music as they eschew the oft-angular, jagged from of its peers, instead favoring infection fun and shameless accessibility that you’d fine in pop music. Old News has been an active band in the Midwest indie/emo scene for the past year and a half, having toured extensively, and put out two EP’s — most notably working with TJ Lipple (Fugazi, American Football, Look Mexico) on their latest EP, Castro.

Now, Old News — comprised of Beau Harris (guitars/vocals), Max Abood (drums), and Blaine Martin (bass, keys) — is gearing up to release their new EP, Hands Like Glaciers in early-2019. We are excited to be bringing you the premiere of a new song off that EP, titled “Tangled Up.” The song is a prime example of how they blend all of their influences, spewing out a song that certainly has it’s math/jazz influences, while leaning on the heavier side of 90’s emo at times. It’s a track that you won’t be soon to forget and you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. Listen for yourself below.


“‘Tangled Up’ explores the in-between, ambiguous situations that arise from friends-with-benefits situations slipping into and out of something more, well, tangible. I’ve never done well with that particular gray area and often find myself caught up in some weird emotional latency of sorts when I’m in it. Around June I started working with an art therapist to get a handle on some mental health issues and she compared my emotions to a intertwined ball of yarn; this gave me the perspective and title to start writing ‘Tangled Up’. This particular track came together instrumentally in about a week and a half and lyrically over a few days in July 2018. We recorded it at one of our favorite studios in our hometown right after getting back from tour this summer. We had a lot of fun putting together the video in an apartment bathroom-turned-film-studio over the last few weeks.” explains Harris.

Old News will be releasing Hands Like Glaciers on February 2nd, 2019.

Hands Like Glaciers artwork:

Old News

Hands Like Glaciers track-listing:

  1. Don’t Bum Me Out
  2. Floods of Color
  3. Tangled Up
  4. Quarter Life Crisis
  5. Melatonin Gummy