Young Culture signed with Equal Vision Records earlier this year, and we even premiered their label debut single “Drift” back in August. Today, the band announced their debut EP via the label, (this is) heaven.

The EP will be released on January 18th, and with the announcement comes a new song from Young Culture called “21 Days.” It’s a poignant break-up song that is carried by smooth vocals, complimenting instrumentals that bring to life their more pop-driven pop-punk sound.

Listen for yourself below.

“Writing this song was a perfect opportunity to take a dark situation and make it into something beautiful,” Young Culture vocalist Alex Magnan told Billboard. “I guess you could say that’s the theme for the new EP, which is why we felt ’21 Days’ was a perfect song to release at this time.”

Check out the artwork and track-listing for (this is) heaven below and pre-order the release here.

young culture

  1. Deluxe
  2. Breathe It In
  3. 21 Days
  4. Never Change
  5. Drift