Camille Trust is back with yet another video release. This morning we are treated to “Bad Habit,” a vivacious and dynamic single that is not available off her EP, No Other Way.  Here we have Trust in a tiny studio space, accompanied by producer/pianist Ray Angry on piano and a few of her closest and gifted singer friends.  There isn’t any glam or gimmicks to this video, it is simply just Trust and company wanting to perform some soul feeding music. In fact, one can’t help but think, how this song would the perfect track for a 70’s setting in a film or a television show where a female protagonist decides to depart a toxic relationship. After all, this artist is all about female empowerment and the visions are quite strong in context to her descriptive lyrics.

You can’t help but not take your eyes off Trust, except for when the camera calls for it by moving around the small room to Angry or her flock of backup singers. You can see how this song didn’t make the cut on the EP, yet there is still relief that this upcoming artist decided to share it regardless. As one listens to Trust belt out her words in such heat, you also tend to sway along with the backup singers and share a smile or two as they grin as well; the music is just that infectious. The amount of intensity and fervor that sprawls across Trust’s face, instantly tells you how much drive she has to both prove her value and her bursting talent. She doesn’t need flashy videos, or a giant stage to show the world that she has what it takes. Instead, all Trust needs as proved by this release, is just a few mics, a pianist, a few friends and her voice.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts and comments!