EDM sensation Marshmello keeps Lil Peep’s spirit alive in a mysterious video for the fallen rapper’s posthumously-released single.

Lil Peep may be gone, but his spirit and legacy in music live on thanks to the continued success of his posthumously-released single, “Spotlight”. A collaboration with current Substream cover star Marshmello, “Spotlight” is likely to be the final song of Peep’s to be released (though he allegedly had many collaborations in various states of completion at the time of his passing), and today the track received an official video treatment.

Set in a fictional diner called Cry Baby’s, a reference to one of Peep’s most famous tattoos, “Spotlight” follows a young woman dealing with the remnants of a past relationship. Her partner may be gone, but the life they shared is the life she continues to live, and whether her former flame knows it or not there is something haunting about that experience. For her, it’s as though she is a snake attempting to wearing a skin she has already shed. The surroundings are familiar, even comforting, but nonetheless cold. There is a disconnect, and as we watch the video she begins to move forward in the only way that makes sense to her.

There is also a lot of weird stuff happening at the diner while all this unfolds, none of which involves Peep of Marshmello themselves. You can view the video above.

Lil Peep’s debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Part 1, was released in the summer of 2017. You can stream it in full via Spotify at the end of this page.

Marshmello released his latest single, a collaboration with Anne-Marie titled “Friends,” last Friday. He is currently on tour and continuing to create music. He recently revealed plans to release a dance EP for his old school fans, but at the same time has no intentions of ending the current run of high profile pop collaborations that have made him a household name in recent months.

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