Less than two months ago, on November 15, the rapper Lil Peep passed away from an accidental fentanyl overdose. He had turned 21 years old just two weeks prior. Lil Peep had released only one album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 (First Access / Warner Music Sweden), before his death, though he’d also released several mixtapes and EPs.

In December, a music video was released for “Save That Shit”, and now the first new piece of music since Peep’s death has been release. It’s called “Spotlight”, and it’s a collaboration with Marshmello, who told Billboard of the track:

“Peep brought an excitement to music that was unparalleled to anybody I’ve ever met. We started an idea together, that unfortunately we were never able to officially finish together. When I listen to this track now I get chills wishing he could hear it. This record is dedicated to Peep’s mother, family, friends and his fans. Gus will live forever through his music and that is something we should all be extremely thankful for.”

“Spotlight” is more somber in sound than most of Marshmello’s releases, though the themes of heartache and feeling “all alone again” are relatable to anyone who’s gone through a breakup or otherwise lost someone they loved. The song can be heard below.