2019 has been an exciting time for Dallas band Saint Cloud. The trio–which includes former members of Avion Roe Evan Couture and Jordan Modro alongside drummer Chris Tibbles–have emerged this year with two original tracks, “I (Don’t Even) Miss You” and “Shade,” along with the recent release of an excellent cover of Halsey’s “Hurricane.” The new music is full of great production, with slick synths, finger snaps, and lovely harmonies showing these guys haven’t lost a step. The band can thrive in a wide array of sounds and settings, which they’re proving today with the release of an unplugged version of debut single “I (Don’t Even) Miss You.” Substream is thrilled to host the premiere of the new version this afternoon.

This new version of “I (Don’t Even) Miss You” is about as unplugged as you can get. The track features just Modro’s guitar alongside vocals from Couture and Modro, with Tibbles sitting this one out. Couture introduces this as the “pretty version” with a smile in the video that accompanies the release, and he’s not wrong. The simplicity of instrumentation allows the emotion of the lyrics to shine through even stronger. The complicated mix of love and heartbreak makes for a compelling song, and those themes are on full display here. Couture and Modro put their all into singing, and their harmonies are gripping in the delicacy they display. It’s clear listening to “I (Don’t Even) Miss You” unplugged how much thought and care Saint Cloud put into their music.

Modro talked to us about the process behind crafting this version of the track, saying:

“Instrumentally, ‘I (Don’t Even) Miss You’ really doesn’t feature very much guitar and I think it actually compliments the song very well. This time around, to strip the song down to nothing and reimagine it with nothing but a guitar gave the song a whole new vibe. It lets the grid kinda disappear and really gave feeling a chance to carry the song. Also, you can’t do this with every song you have. Sometimes, the song really only works as is. It’s cool this ended up working out.”

You can listen to Saint Cloud perform “I (Don’t Even) Miss You” unplugged below.