It’s not just individuals who go through breakups. While you might think of a romantic relationship ending when you hear “breakup,” it’s not the only instance. Business relationships and friendships can end in fire as well. So, too, can bands. It’s always a sad day as a fan when that happens, but for members going through it, the experience can be brutal. Such an experience inspired Denver’s SIR on their new track “So Cold,” which we’re thrilled to premiere today.

When asked about the song, vocalist/guitarist Sarah Angela said:

We wrote this after going through a band break-up, and the three of us stuck together.  It was an insane time, one we never wish upon any band.”

That’s immediately evident in the track, as Angela sings of all the feelings that rush through you as a relationship ends, including some unpleasant thoughts towards the other party involved. Band members Luke Mehrens and Kim O’Hara provide a ferocious percussive roar and stirring synths to fit the rawness that comes along with any breakup.

Conjure up the required feelings about your last breakup and give the track a listen below. We have a feeling you’ll find it cathartic.