By any measure, we live in a technologically advanced society. If you would have told people in the mid-20th century all of the cool gadgets, robots, and gear we have now, they’d lose their minds. That being said, people throughout the 20th century had ideas about how things were going to go when it came to technology. These ideas manifested in a rich history of science fiction, from Buck Rogers to Flash Gordon to The Day The Earth Stood Still and countless other alien movies. It’s from this rich history of sci-fi that Stereo Specter draw their inspiration, and we’re thrilled to premiere their new track “Animal” as proof.

Jordan Dean is the face and brain behind Stereo Specter, and he certainly knows his music and his sci-fi. The track begins with audio clips from the type of B-movie science fiction that thrilled audiences in the 1950s. What follows is a high energy track characterized by heavy distortion in the guitars and vocals, as if the song is coming from one of the UFOs that captured movie-goers imagination. The repeating melodic line played on the keys comes through and gives the song the grounding it needs to soar as high as it does.

Dean played every instrument on the track except for drums, and worked on the production with Allen Parker, best known for working with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

In a statement about the track and its lyrics, Dean said:

“‘Animal’ started around the chorus riff. I was playing it on a wurli [electric piano] in my apartment one night and started imagining this super heart breaker girl and decided to tell her story through a ’70s/’80s horror/sci-fi filter. Obviously, I was super influenced by all those old horror flicks I binge every Halloween.”

“Animal” is the first song off Stereo Specter’s upcoming project. Prepare your spacesuit and rocket pack, and then give “Animal” a listen below.