Dear Me has been making waves this past year racking up nearly a million streams, capturing press and recently signing a deal with Substream Records. Rose Colored Catastrophe, a single featuring ‘Sleeping With Sirens’ singer Kellin Quinn, is one of many tracks featuring high profile artists. With all that said, it’s not easy trying to ignore this up and coming talent!

We caught up with Dear Me today as he just released his latest single ‘You Always Hated My Friends’.

What inspired you to write poetry and add music to it?
I started off by listening to button poetry on YouTube and then started writing on my own and creating. I then started listening to artists like Hotel Books, September Stories, Levi the Poet and Grandview. That’s when I realized I just really wanted to do music like that.

You’ve been writing and recording since 2017. How has your process developed and do you feel you have a formula that works well for you? Or, is the writing process unique in every effort?
I am constantly trying to grow and become better as an artist. I think I’ve gotten extremely better since starting out in the garage! Haha! I’m not sure I got it all figured out just yet but I’m getting there.

You released a single in April 2020 featuring Kellin Quinn. Do you have any other artists lined up to collaborate with in the near future?
I do! I just dropped a track with Brian Swindle of one of my favorite bands Have Mercy. I have tracks on my ep with Not My Weekend , Arkaeo , The Dangerous Summer and an acoustic version of a song with Kellin Quinn! I have some surprises in the feature also!

Tell us the back story to your new single “You Always Hated My Friends”?
It’s about finally moving on from someone toxic and getting sad, but your over it and maybe finding out you were just as toxic. Sometimes we are just as bad as the person that we claim to be bad.

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