Atlanta, Georgia rock band MYFEVER have a monumental wave of a new song to carry you into the weekend. Serving as the band’s first single of 2017, “Golden” is—as cheesy as it is to say—exactly that. One might find MYFEVER’s location a mystery as their newest offering boasts a massive, shimmering, guitar-driven blast of indie rock that sounds as if it were crafted near, if not directly on, a sun-soaked California beach. There are certainly Southern nuances in the mix, though, and the combination is so potent, spilling over with immense quality and replay value.

“‘Golden’ is a unique transitional tune for us as MYFEVER,” the band tells Substream. “The bridge is a definite nod towards where we are headed sonically, but the hard-hitting verses and turns prove that we still like to get loud—really loud. I think that’s an integral part of why we started MYFEVER: to prove that rock music is still alive. We’ve been sitting on the tune for a little while which makes us antsy, but we feel it’s the right song to bridge the gap before we drop a new EP in April.”

You can listen to “Golden” as many times as you’d like below. The single is officially out as of today, February 10, and can be purchased

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