Norwegian-born, New York-living Kaya Wilkins, who goes under the moniker Okay Kaya, has returned once more with a brand new track and details of her new album!

Announced earlier today, the singer is set to release a massive 15-track album called, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself, which is due out on January 24, 2020 via Jagjaguwar.

In addition to dropping details and album pre-order links (which you can check out below), the singer also gave fans another taste of the upcoming release with a haunting new single, “Baby Little Tween.”

And, as if the release of the track wasn’t enough to be excited over, she also released a music video! Much like the haunting melodies of the song, the video takes on a home video feeling as viewers watch as the singer skies down a mountain in Japan.

You can watch the music video for Okay Kaya’s latest track “Baby Little Tween” below!

“Baby Little Tween” is taken from Okay Kaya’s forthcoming album, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself, which is due out on Jan. 24, 2020. You can pre-order your copy of it here!

Additionally, you can check out the full track list of the singer’s latest album below!

Watch This Liquid Pour Itself Tracklist:
1. Baby Little Tween
2. Ascend and Try Again
3. Insert Generic Name
4. Overstimulated
5. Psych Ward
6. Guttural Sounds
7. Asexual Wellbeing
8. Popcorn Heart
9. Mother Nature’s Bitch
10. Hallelu Ya Hellelu Me
11. Symbiosis
12. Givenuptitis
13. Helsevesen
14. Stonethrow
15. Zero Interaction Ramen Bar