Doesn’t everyone really hate LA though? Hot Chelle Rae do for sure. And they’ve exclaimed it into their return. “I Hate LA” is the band’s very first single since releasing their sophomore album in 2011.

In the new three-minute single, Hot Chelle Rae frontman Ryan Follesé resents Los Angeles following a breakup. Near the end of the song, his ex leaves the city and suddenly he loves LA once more.

“When we got back together it felt like no time had passed,” Hot Chelle Rae added (Billboard). “We did things different, we took our time, found our voices and really honed in on how we want everything to look and feel. We really think we found a mix between what people loved about us and what people are looking for in music today.”

On the day prior to releasing “I Hate LA,” the band celebrated the new song with a show at Los Angeles’ famous Peppermint Club.

Check out the new song below.