It’s no secret that S. Carey loves the outdoors. His album, Hundred Acres, showcases his connection with nature, and his music video for “More I See” shows him as a sort of natural spirit of the earth. Lucky for Carey and for anyone else like him, North America has more than its share of natural beauty. Some of that beauty is on display in the new music video for “Yellowstone.”

Since the song is called “Yellowstone,” there’s naturally footage from Yellowstone National Park in the video. That’s not the only place Carey travels to, though. The footage, shot by director Chase Bartee and Aimee Bartee, includes views from Colorado, Utah, and a host of other locations. “Yellowstone”‘s video might be simple in idea, but the execution is marvelous, a soul-easing dive into the wonder that is the planet we live on.

In a press release, S. Carey talked about working with the Bartees, saying “Their aesthetic and production was something I thought really would match the tone of the song, and I thought they could piece together a narrative from footage they had lying around from trips out West, even from Yellowstone National Park. Chase had shot a bunch of Super 8 film that he now had an excuse to develop, so he mixed in those old, glitchy shots with crisp HD shots in a beautiful way that fits with the sonic quality of the song.”

You can watch the video for “Yellowstone” above. S. Carey’s third album Hundred Acres is out now on Jagjaguwar.