In January, S. Carey shared tour dates in support of his upcoming album, Hundred Acres. To go along with those dates, he also shared single “More I See.” With the album release and those tour dates almost upon us, Carey today unveiled the music video for “More I See.” Get ready to have your heart warmed.

The “More I See” video begins with a man stopping his truck by the side of a snowy road. Laying on the ground is Carey, playing his guitar. The man decides to put Carey in the back of his truck and take him home. From the way the man and his daughter regard Carey, it’s clear that Carey is not necessarily a human, but a more nebulous entity. The rest of the video shows the family growing used to Carey’s presence, and ends on a sweet display the daughter makes for Carey.

Brendan Lauer, the video’s director, went into more detail in a press release, saying “The music video for ‘More I See’ is about this idea that no matter who or what you are, if you’re in need of help it will find you; and that those who go out of their way to help will be better because of it.”

You can watch the music video for “More I See” above. S. Carey’s third album, Hundred Acres, is set for release next Friday, February 23. Jagjaguwar is releasing the album, which you can still pre-order here.