Get “Addicted” to this new Marina City single

Chicago’s indie powerhouse Marina City are back with a big new single titled “Addicted.” The sexy and dark new single is the band’s first release since 2017’s Terminal EP.

“Being ‘content’ is just as much of an addiction as “wanting more,” the band says regarding the new track. “We associate being ‘content’ as being fulfilled however, being ‘content’ can hinder us in finding something better. ‘Addicted’ is about being addicted to feeling content with the things that are detrimental. You know it’s bad but you are always looking for the good in it. We trick ourselves into believing things are good. If something no longer makes you happy then get rid of it. You will never grow if you always feel content.”

Marina City will perform on Chicago’s WGN Morning News on March 29th and will headline Chop Shop April 5th. Tickets are available here. Listen to the song below.