Iconic punk-rock band Rise Against have just released their first new song in three years, “Broken Dreams, Inc.” Produced by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, and Chris Beeble, “Broken Dreams, Inc.” is Rise Against at their best: angry, fast, and furious.

Also accompanying the single, is an animated/motion comic video that features art from DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal, drawn by the series’ artist Greg Capullo.

“Broken Dreams, Inc.” speaks to today’s changing landscape of American society, and the opportunities that are available to some but not to others, the people who are able to benefit versus those who get left behind, who suffer and end up as casualties. Speaking on how America can level the playing field and give everyone the same chance at the so-called American dream, Rise Against vocalis/lyricist Tim Mcllarth says “One word, ‘disruption.’ You have to put power into the hands of the people, not business, you have to value people and community over profit. You can’t have a shareholder-run country or a shareholder-run world, a world that values profit above all else, because profit above all else can result in dangerous repercussions for humankind.